Islam en Paris

January 8, 2015

The Sound and The Fury

A few remarks about the recent murder of Parisians by worshippers of Allah:

The Muslims were videod as being out in the streets, running around shouting God is great and shooting people. The Parisians were all inside like good Muslim women watching the whole ordeal. This is the direction of Western society. Muslims outside ruling and reigning Westerners who remain domesticated inside.

Sure, the Parisians came back outside after their Muslim rulers fled the scene, but for all their “freedom of speech” protests and political cartoons lampooning extremism, there are no republications of Muhammad the Prophet. Let the Westerners march and wine about free speech so long as that speech stays within their allotted sphere of safety and political correctness.

This is an Orwellian state, one that cries for the freedom to say whatever they want, while not wanting to say what will get them killed. In fact, just as after the…

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One comment

  1. Secular humanism has turned Westerners into moral cowards. Secular humanism embraces the emotional, irrational philosophies of moral relativism and rabid pluralism. This post-modern prevailing view of truth is comfortable with contradictions. For example, “There is no absolute truth.” Oh, yeah? You are absolute certain there is no absolute truth? “Well there may be truth but it is not knowable?” Really? You know the truth that truth is not knowable?

    Because secular humanism’s supporting philosophies leave the adherent without a firm foundation in truth, he cannot emotionally accept truth that would offend someone. He wants to avoid conflict. Those who want to avoid conflict favor surrender over defiance.

    Islam’s rise is not because of the strength of Islam. It is because of the weakness of the West.

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